Dubai Design Days _ 2014

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Nakkash Art Gallery _ Burji Khalifa _ March 17th/21st "Dubai SkyLine" artwork presentation _ world wide exclusive at Nakkash Art Gallery Dubai U.A.E.
The stimulating co-operation between  renowned Nakkash Dubai Art Gallery and GlocalDesign arises from an outstanding combination of environmentally-friendly solutions and cutting-edge innovative design, creating limited editions and unique works in accordance with the latest trend that considers wood as the embodiment of true luxury in home and office furnishings. The wood-and-steel interplay parallels the embrace between the desert and the deep blue sea, against the astounding background of Dubai skyline, creating a dreamlike landscape with a game of light and shade which reflects a future dimension.

Dubai SkyLine artwork, suspended between Art & Design, describes a new luxury made of objects for the soul, of emotions, sensations, scents and dreams. The physicality of wood marked by time and by the places it went through, and the stories it contains, meet the ethereal soul of mirror steel, a living material ceaselessly in relation with the environment. Inspired of the imposing Dubai’s Skyline, the highest vertical leap in the world that reflects in the calm water of the Arabian Gulf, this mirror is a metaphor of all big towns on earth: cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic and rich in far-away stories. The different woods combine into the new identity and soul of the town and the mirror surface reflecting also our image, makes us play a role in this process. And we discover that we are an integral part of the places where we live, all of us striving together to realise our dreams and build the world we want and a better future for us, our children and grand-children. When light arrives carrying emotion of life, the wall and the environment animate with lighter and darker shades, and the artwork uncontestably becomes the focal point of attention.