Daniele Basso @ Ca D'Oro Art Gallery _ 2015

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NYC _ Chelsea _ Art District _ April 23rd / May 24th Personal Exhibition
Daniele Basso is going to exhibit his works in the renowned Ca D'Oro Gallery in Chelsea, in the heart of Manhattan Art District.

The opening party for Daniele Basso’s exhibition will be held on 23 April 2015 from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm. The event is organized by Gloria Porcella, the resourceful Ca' D'Oro Gallery owner (Attachment 1), in the new NYC location, 529 WEST 20th Street, 9th floor, last year’s addition to the successful galleries in Miami and Rome. This bipersonal exhibition will display Basso’s works alongside Dalya Luttwak’s, the well-known American sculptor and artist.

"A splendid opportunity in an internationally renowned art gallery, where outstanding artists exhibit their works. My cooperation with Gloria arose from her attentiveness and her sensitivity to the innovative quality of my works, always poised between Art and Design”, says Basso. ”My unique style springs from a new vision of reality through creative power and the search for beauty, which goes hand in hand with my strong innermost drive to always convey a forceful message on contemporaneity, proving Art’s power to renew our mindset on life and Man as well as its role as an innovative force spurring society and mankind as a whole.”

Over 13 works by Daniele Basso are displayed in this thorough exhibition, held in the very heart of Manhattan Art District on the occasion of the artist’s 40th birthday. The works include 3 mirror-finish steel sculptures and several previews, such as "We Have A Dream", a multiple work consisting of 25 white bronze sections, inspired by the concept of freedom. “There is no such thing as absolute freedom. It is only a value to aim for, a goal to be defended no matter what. When we forget that, we lose our hold on our humanity and, as a consequence, our dignity and the right to be free”.
The exhibition will also include "Vertical Reflection", a collection of mirrored works in steel, felt and wood. “A Vertical Reflection of thoughts and hints that metaphorically mark the stages of man’s journey in search for the meaning of life. At first Colour – surface, questions. Then Shapes: research, pondering, commitment, choice. Then again Matter: answers, reaching certainties… an encouragement to reach awareness and find our limits, which represent the evolutionary heritage of society as a whole, trace the boundaries of change and disclose the future of mankind, defining the meaning of life and our own existence.”
This is the most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the artist to date, and also includes other outstanding works such as "Les Plis De La Vie", a sculpture displayed in the 55th La Biennale International Art Exhibition in Venice and inspired by the theme of crisis – whether innermost and individual or shared and collective – meant as an opportunity for growth and a turning point in everybody’s life.
"When reflected in a mirrored surface - says the artist - we are thrown into the deep chasm of our thoughts, suspended between dream and reality, proud yet hesitant before endless time… Therefore, beyond their intrinsic function, my mirror-finish works become reflections on contemporaneity, unfinished thoughts that everybody can complete with their own meaning.”