GIGANT inauguration_2015

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Piz La Ila (La Villa) _ at the start of Gran Risa ski run _ July 24th, 2015 GIGANT inauguration for the 30° Anniversary of Ski World Cup Alta Badia - Dolomites Race

On the 30th anniversary of the Alpine Ski World Cup Alta Badia, the Organising Committee wishes to express its gratitude and appreciation to all the volunteers, people involved, agencies and institutions that have contributed to the success of the Ski World Cup Alta Badia with professionalism, enthusiasm and passion. A solid gesture towards a future we will build, together.

This work of art, entirely made out of steel, is an interpretation of the logo of the Alpine Ski World Cup Alta Badia, and stands as an eternal symbol of our land, famous all over the world. It is a witness to a dream which has come true, a dream which tends toward the future without forgetting the immense human heritage created over the years.
Located at the start of the Gran Risa, a truly perfect slope for all skiing enthusiasts, it showcases the magic of Piz La Ila. Here you can feel like the champions who battle down this slope year after year. It‘s where the dream began back in 1985. A perfect snapshot of the beauty of Alta Badia and the skiing competition that made it famous.
Its shape is characterized by folds, physical expression of live’s constant changes and metaphor of the experiences that have transformed us; it looks like an ice crystal, a diamond of pure beauty whose triangular mirrored surfaces reflect the many „faces“ of reality, unique and multiple at the same time, „faces“ in which we can all recognize ourselves as key players of the success of this unique territory.
Brought that a site to life through light that enhances the blue of the sky, the green of the pines and fields, the white of the snow and the pink sun setting on the Dolomites, world heritage site of UNESCO and of mankind. The sculpture is mimetic and elusive, immense and bright. It perfectly expresses both the sense of discretion and vivid imagination of the people from Alta Badia. It combines all the elements which makes Alta Badia that place which evokes great memories that last all year long. A tangible experience of authenticity which makes Alta Badia a place where you candiscover beauty, a warm welcome and great passion that you’ll remember fondly and that fortunately you get to experience year after year.
Although developed with state-of-the-art digital technologies, the sculpture was entirely handmade, confirming the supremacy of men over machinery, thoughts over technique. It is the celebration, through skiing, of Mankind and the values that sports stand for. A celebration of courage, determination and talent which combined with passion gives meaning to life. An eternal reminder that people are always at the heart of any success. That we are always at the heart of it all. With our dreams and emotions! It is an invitation to pursue our ideals for the future we hope to create for our children and grandchildren.

(Daniele Basso, July 2015)