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Venice _ Hilton Molino Stucky _ September 3/23, 2015 Daniele Basso, winner among the Excellence of Biella, has also designed the award "LILT for BIELLA" 2015

During the evening of Friday, November 6, sponsored by the City of Biella, supported by numerous sponsors, under the artistic direction of Roberto Bologna and Cristiano Gatti, and presented by DJ Maurizio di Maggio, in the heartfelt words of the Chairman Mauro Valentini supporting the great project "Spazio Lilt", "Lilt for Biella" becomes "Lilt for Life" as the prevention increasingly allows you to save your life.

The trophies to the various honored excellence that have enriched the evening were made and donated by the artist Daniele Basso, starred by Vice President Daniela Alberici Mancini with the other excellence of Biella territory.
"The pink ribbon of "LILT for Women" - says Basso - merges with the profile of Anita Edberg from the film" La Dolce Vita "... an inspiration of joy of life "Made in Italy" that becomes the new prize Biella and Italian excellence, and supports together with the emotion of ladies beauty the great work of LILT in Biella area and throughout Italy... An artistic solution in my opinion elegant and formal to thank all of the effort, the passion and of humanity that surrounds this heavy fight against cancer".

"Spazio Lilt" (2,500 square meters, seismic, low environmental impact, Center of Excellence unique in Italy) made possible by generosity and commitment in only 3 years, will operate in the fight against cancer.
Designed to fight tumors primarily through prevention, it will also be a key reference point for the assistance and rehabilitation, essential steps in the care pathway. A huge gift and a sign of respect for everyone's future.