"InLuce" Xmas Art Show in Town _2015

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Bella Center _ Caffè Pasticceria Ferrua _ December 2015/February 2016 "Mr Bot Got Talent" Guest at historical "Caffè Ferua"

‘Luce’ (Light), the event focusing on contemporary art and design sponsored by Città di Biella - Museo del Territorio Biellese – and by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio - Palazzo Gromo Losa and organized by the cultural association BI-BOx Art Space, includes three initiatives: the exhibit "Siamo come le lucciole"(We are like fireflies), exhibitions in different venues in town and the appointments at Museo del Territorio Biellese and at Palazzo Gromo Losa.

This year, with his installation "MrBot Got Talent", Daniele Basso is a guest of the historical Caffè Pasticceria Ferrua in the center of Biella. The place is known from the ‘30s when it was the meeting point for the members of the artistic, political and entrepreneurial worlds. In its kitchen they used to bake the ‘Canestrelli’ biscuits, the bread known as ‘Pan d’Oropa’ that was sent to the Biella-born soldiers fighting in Africa, and ‘Tigrini’, a few years later, that were chocolate and rum sweets interpreting the society lifting up its head after the war and restored prosperity.

The installation, guest in windows and inside the Cafè, is made of many Mr Bot in different colors illuminated at different heights as metaphor for contemporary multi-racial society. At the beginning all the same, we become ourselves through the choices we make. At the end we are all different: we are the consequence of our actions.

Daniele Basso - Magliaso, November 2012