Contini Art Factory_2016

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Collateral Event of the 5th Edition of SELVATICA. Natura in Festival_May 2016 Biella _ Bi-Box Art Space

BI-BOx Art Space
05.05.2016 │ 06.05.2016
Inauguration Thursday, May 5 at 06:30pm
Collateral event at SELVATICA. Natura in festival

Wunderkammer is the wonder cabinet, the treasure chest holding extraordinary, precious and rare objects. The artworks represent Dionysian animals and hybrids exhibiting no similarities with reality. Artists work with imagination and creates their personal paradise with unprecedented abilities, a wunderkammer of impossible animals. Let you be mesmerized and carried away by the creatures in the wunderkammer, because “Logic will get you from A to B; imagination will get you everywhere” (A. Einstein).