Presentation of Aquamantio to the "Rotary Club" _2016

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Rotary Club Valle Mosso _ Biella _ June 15th, 2016 Presentation of the sculpture Aquamantio, 100 Anniversary of MOSCA1916

During the presentation of the company MOSCA1916 to the "Rotary Club" of Valle Mosso Daniele Basso illustrated Aquamantio the sculpture that has been donated by the company to the city and its citizens. This event lead by Alberto Mosca, the 4th generation in command of the family, was included in the celebrations for the Centenary of this historic Butcher and Gastronomy located in the center of Biella. Aquamantio is now in Piazza Curiel, in front of the New City Library.

AQUAMANTIO is a fancy Landmark, dedicated to the Biella territory and its inhabitants. Inspired by the metaphor of water, it celebrates Life and stands out as a symbol of Culture, Well-being and Zest, revealing talent as a shared social event.