TID Special Party - Music Art Design _2016

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Spazio TID _ Elle Decor Italia and Marangoni Institute _ June 16th, 2016  

In the heart of a new unexplored area of Milan, Spazio TID, headquarters of Theinteriordesign.it, puts together Music, Art and Design in its special exhibition titled TID Special Party.

TID Special Party will also be the occasion to meet the mirror-steel artworks of Daniele Basso, well-known artist linked to the TID world since ever and proud of a triple participation in the International Art Exhibition La Biennale of Venice, and several exhibitions in Milan, New York, Dubai, Atlanta, Saint Petersburg, Forte dei Marmi and Monte Carlo. You will be able to reach out and touch the exhibit ‘Le Plie De La Vie’ where “space and time shrink in the sharp corner, physical expression of the change, the only real constant in life. The sharp corners describe in a unique manner who we are and the thousand faces of reality when the new is on its way in!”

(Daniele Basso - June 2016)