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Sanremo _ Palafiori Casa Sanremo - 67° Festival di Sanremo_ February 5th/11th, 2017 Creation of the "2017 Casa Sanremo Awards" cooperating with Swarovski® on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Casa Sanremo (the Sanremo Home) at the 67th Sanremo Festival. Guest on a Talk Show, "Citofonare Sanremo" (“Buzzing Sanremo”) hosted by Sharon Alario and Giada Girardi as “housemates”.


Daniele Basso, the artist from Biella, was invited by Sharon Alario, talk show host and head of the Fashion area at Casa Sanremo, to create the awards on the occasion of Casa Sanremo’s 10th anniversary. He embodied the Sanremo Festival feels in a universal symbol, a trophy to be awarded to 10 outstanding Italian figures, who do not belong to the music business and “lead their life with great passion and power”. During the Casa Sanremo closing ceremony on Saturday 11 February, Daniele Basso personally awarded two outstanding figures in Italian fashion and sports: young fashion designer Francesca Versace and Max Blardone, the great Italian alpine ski champion.

It was an immense honour for me to award two great friends like Francesca and Max, who both fully express Italian style, meant as a zest for life, a stylish yet pert passion, envied all over the world... an unstable balance between talent and tradition that leads us to be innovators without forgetting our history and roots... two key words that also define my commitment in art, where I constantly seek symbols that may join us in beauty to imagine and build a better future.

"I admire Francesca Versace - Daniele Basso goes on to say – both for her courage in taking the challenge of creating original fashion projects in spite of her renowned surname, fully independent from the family business, and her ability to reconcile work and family. She has built a unique lifestyle for herself, proving her personality with enthusiasm and drive.

"Max Blardone - concludes Daniele Basso, who awarded him in Saint Moritz during the Ski World Championship – fully embodies positive energy. He is a true champion, matching discipline and talent, an uncompromising enthusiast, always ready for new challenges. He does not only show courage but tries to overcome his limits with true dedication, always engaging his mind and discipline even before his body during ski races. He is a great sportsman who left his mark on Italian ski and is now one of the best-loved TV figures, popular with sports enthusiasts who follow him for his professional standing and nice personality”.

They are two – three, including Daniele Basso – key players who belong to different settings, yet deeply Italian in their identity and personality, joined by one belief: to pursue their dreams with enthusiasm, passion and drive.

Ph. Stefano Esposito