INTER Summer Tour Trophies_2017

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Argenta 2017

    China & Singapore _ July 2017  

    INTER in China with Daniele Basso

    Since ever art and cultural happenings has been accompanying and enhancing sports events. For this reason, Inter has entrusted the Piedmont artist Daniele Basso with the design and manufacture of the trophies that will be given during its Summer Tour 2017.
    The historical soccer club of Milan confirms its tight link with the Asian world, which admired it forty years ago as one of the first Italian soccer clubs playing in the People’s Republic of China, and will celebrate its new tour by awarding an artwork/trophy laden with important symbols. Strictly made of steel, Daniele Basso’s favorite material, the trophy represents a champion while he is kicking a ball, metaphorically conveying the idea of an open world still in the making. The mirror surface becomes a primordial expression. Who observes the trophy and reflects in it, becomes an integral part of it for a little while. With a fascinating inside out mix, the artwork suggests the need for continuous improvement through the overcoming of limits, physical and mental boundaries, real or reflected images. The desire to offer trophies carrying tangible signs of communion and global friendliness, all united in a great hug of champions and peoples, is one of the principles that inspired the artist’s production.
    What interests me – the artist Daniele Basso said– is the human aspect in sports: the overcoming of limits. The powerful thrust that ferries man beyond and further. The mirror and the challenges!