Fatti Ad Arte _2017

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Fatti Ad Arte

    La Marmora Palace in Biella Piazzo_October 27th/29th, 2017  

    Daniele Basso exhibits in the courtyard of Palazzo Lamarmora the "CokeItsMe - PA" artwork on the occasion of the event "Fatti Ad Arte", where craftsmen from all over Italy are guests in the historic houses of Palazzo Gromo Losa and Palazzo Lamarmora in Biella Piazzo. "CokeItsMe - PA" has already been on display in 2015 at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome. It is the prove of the author of the "CokeItsMe" artwork now in the permanent collection of the World of Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta (USA).

    "Artistic practice includes, among other things, two fundamental aspects: creativity and technique. If the development of an exclusive technique is borne by the creativity of the artist, the executive practice is often supported by artistic craftsmanship. A unique mix of experience, competence, and skills that make up for the imagination of man by realizing what the mind can imagine. In my professional and personal life I have learned to value a lot of who, often in the shadows, but passionately and meaningful skills, accompanies me to the search for emotions that only Art can give back..."

    (Daniele Basso, Biella Piazzo October 27, 2017)