LILT Biella_ New logo Pink Ribbon Prevention Campaign _2017

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    Biella _ Spazio LILT _ October 28, 2017 Presentation of the new logo Pink Ribbon Prevention Campaign created for LILT Biella

    LILT Biella for 2017 collaborates with the artist Daniele Basso for the creation of the new symbol for the Pink Ribbon Prevention Campaign, where Soul and Body, emotions of Art and Scientific Research meet for the well-being of people.

    With this spirit the beauty of Anita Edberg and the irony of Marcello Mastroianni inspired the artist Daniele Basso in the realization of the new symbol. When in the water of the Trevi Fountain in the film "La Dolce Vita" by Federico Fellini (a film that has written the history of Italian excellence in the world), beauty, fantasy and lightness of spirit sublimate in one of the most intense declarations of love for the life of all time.

    A love and a joy that today become a symbol of respect for life itself, through a gesture of great conscience and responsibility: the preventive analysis.

    "Do it for you and for those who are in your heart" is the name of the symbol.

    A sign composed of two figures, feminine and masculine, which together let us imagine a heart. A single message that shifts the attention from us to others: think also of those who love you! A strong meaning to reflect on relationships, on the friendships and on the affections that make life wonderful.

    (Daniele Basso - October 2017)
    Graphics and shopper bag designed in cooperation with PEG SoluzioniCreative Biella