Italian Ambassador Residence in Tel Aviv_2017

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Tel Aviv 2017 Tel Aviv 2017 Tel Aviv 2017

Tel Aviv _ hall of receptions _ September 2017 The sculpture "Naturae" is on permanent display in the halls of the Residence.

"Naturae" is the mirror-polished steel sculpture, made by the artist Daniele Basso and strongly desired by the Italian Ambassador in the State of Israel Gianluigi Benedetti, installed at the end of August in his residence in Tel Aviv, under the careful curation of Ermanno Tedeschi.

A significant gesture of love for art by Ambassador Benedetti, who metaphorically finds in the sculpture "Naturae", inspired by Botticelli's Venus, the centrality of beauty and creativity in the Italian system. "Naturae" is a banner of the marvelous country that Ambassador Benedetti was called to represent in this key region of the world, where peoples have met and clashed since the dawn of time, and which still today represents the significant nucleus, even beyond diplomacy, of international relations.

"Naturae" (Nature in Latin) interprets in a contemporary key the universal symbol of beauty idealized by Botticelli in the Venus that comes out of the water, and leads us to an all-round reflection on modernity. "A work - explains the artist - that highlights the need for a relationship between the man himself and the Nature... The real Nature that hosts us... The ones I have methaporically represented certain that whatever happens, she will survive us ..."

"Naturae" is a warning of the need to change course for a better future."
A work that celebrates the Italian Renaissance culture, and is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, the beating heart of history; crossroads of religions, cultures and economics; a border where change is a daily topic, and today, as then, intense pages of the entire Humanity are written.