Creative Thinking Workshop_2018

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Creative Thinking Workshop Creative Thinking Workshop

    IT Sligo _ Sligo Ireland College _ February 28 /March 2, 2018 The experience of Art to improve Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

    From February 27th to March 2nd the artist Daniele Basso has been invited, coordinated by the students Ruth Ripon (Art & Theater) and Michael J. Mitchell (Architecture), from the IT College of Sligo in Ireland to organize a workshop on creative thinking to investigate problem solving interactions with the free expression of creativity. A course dedicated to the 3 and 4 year students of the departments Art, Design and Architecture, with participation in a closed number.

    "Art helps to think outside the box, to exercise intuition in solving problems, to find the artist that dwells in each of us. It helps us to become aware of the world through emotions. In art we recognize the deepest essence of the existence. The creative process of Art opens the doors to beauty. Indispensable for our happiness. It brings the Man back to the center of the system, transforming the drive to survival into desire and the search for a better world".

    In this way, the students could experience that every creative act, every artistic experience, every project is an ethical act. Which places us in relation with ourselves, with others and with all of humanity. In the continuous process of change between the past that we inherit and the future we want to build, passing through the search for the meaning of life and our actions.