BrightFuture _ 2011

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Wood and mirror finish stainless steel with Swarovski Elements
80x140 h245cm, about 70Kg

Exhibitions & Events:
Milan_2011 "Salone del Mobile - GlocalDesign FuoriSalone Event " nhow hotel
In the year of the 150th Anniversary of Unity, Italy is crucified! A way of saying that Daniele Basso turns into an image and an object. The mirror Italy, with a height of 180 cm and sparklingly clad in SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, compels those who look at it to carefully ponder on the ongoing crisis of identity in society. It makes us feel deep inside that we all should recover our role because we are Italy! "The economic crisis and the great social changes, says Daniele Basso, point at ominous future scenarios, full of excesses and poor in values. But we must not surrender. We proudly answer that we "can make" excellent products, whose quality, innovation and originality shine in the world. Art, Fashion and Design, being aspects of the “Made in Italy” success in the world, speak about who we want to be, help us become as we want to be. Together, they cast a glance farther on and plan the “Bright Future” we all long for.

(Daniele Basso - Milan, 8th April 2011)