MrBotGotTalent _ 2012

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N° 20 MrBot lights in polyethylene on steel bases at different heights
about 80Kg circa
light installation made in partnership with Slide

Exhibitions & Events:
Magliaso _ 2012/2013 solo exhibit by Daniele Basso "Oltre lo Specchio ci Sei Tu!" (curator: D. Ambrosioni) Rivabella Art Gallery (director: A. Aleman)
Milan_2013 Solo exhibit by Daniele Basso "Contemporary Reflections" at nhow hotel, 2nd floor
Biella _ 2013 "BIC-Biella In Contemporanea" (Department of Culture City of Biella/ curator: BiBox Art Space) Palazzina Piacenza
Many Mr Bot in different colors illuminated in the green of the earth, a metaphor for contemporary multi-racial society, but they are at different heights. At the beginning all the same, we become ourselves through the choices we make. At the end we are all different: we are the consequence of our actions.

(Daniele Basso - Magliaso, November 2012)