Mariposa AlgelSalta _ 2013

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     mirror finish stainless steel and acrylic colours on wood
  The stylized, jumping angel is in the last moment before falling down into the nether world, i.e. metaphorically in the exact moment when he chooses evil, thus becoming its everlasting icon.. That is the crucial moment. And it is the same for us who can choose between good or evil every day. In that very moment, our guardian angel (the most loved angel and the closest to people) comforts, directs and supports us.. In that moment, with a sudden repentance, the Archangel profile is duplicated like in front of a mirror and its reflection supports him becoming part of a steady vault. Visually, the symmetry completes the image. The self-referential solidarity of the self-saving angel becomes solidarity among peoples. The missed fall of the angel colliding against its reflected image generates the natural figure of a butterfly, i.e. the delicate symbol of guardian angels, celebrating the life, colour, smile and enthusiasm of art and faith, and of man.

(Daniele Basso – February 2013)

Donation to:
"La Iglesia de Los Angeles" - Estancia "El Milagro", Salta region, Northern Argentina. The Church, dedicated to the figure of the Angel, was built with private funds within the framework of a complex cultural plan already including an Artistic Foundation with Training School and an Amphitheatre. From an idea of Daniele Crippa, director of the Museo del Parco in Portofino, and of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, it has been approved by the Vatican and backed by the Unicef. Over one thousand paintings of Angels by artists from all over the world will decorate an internal polychrome border of ceramic tiles. The artworks produced and donated by the artists will become part of the permanent collection of the Foundation.