Russian Atmosphere _ 2014

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Mirror finish stainless steel and painted wood _ 170x58 cm - 15 kg

Exhibitions & Events:
Saint Petersburg _ 2014 "Yellow Korner Art Gallery" _ Daniele Basso "Special Guest" at "Saint Petersburg Design Week 2014".
Saint Petersburg Art Collection: mirroring artworks at Yellow Korner Art Gallery during for Saint Petersburg Design Week 2014

Italian artist and designer, operating in Dubai, Monte-Carlo and the USA in 2014, Daniele Basso was selected by the Organizing Committee of the 2014 St Petersburg Design Week for his creation of works in mirrored steel, a 100% recyclable long-lasting material. His professional standing and design works fully embody the innovative edgy essence of the exhibition, aiming at investigating the blurred line separating Art, Craftsmanship and limited-edition luxury Design, and involving Fashion as well as the growing importance of ethics and ecology in industrial production and creative professional design.

"We are all equal before a mirror, suspended between dream and reality” Daniele Basso says. “Beyond their function, my mirrored works are reflections on present-day society, unfinished thoughts that anybody can complete with their own meaning…”. This is the core concept of the artist/designer’s participation in the exhibition held in various city locations from 20 to 28 May, where he will display a preview of his collection of works in mirror steel, each in 9 copies available on demand.

“These three highlights of St Petersburg and Russia are highly evocative and iconic” Basso says. “Their selection was due to the real emotions they conveyed to me, that I filtered through art and turned into true metaphors of reality thanks to design technology. Due to their instinctive immediacy, they can communicate with Russian people and foreigners alike, via an abstraction process that goes from the detail to the whole, from the individual to the universal.”

Work: "Russian Atmosphere":
Inspired by an image of the early 20th century, where a haggard bunch of Cossack soldiers ride their horses into St Petersburg in the hard Russian winter. By wiping out the city background, I enacted a metaphorical image of the vast expanse of the Russian steppe, where the soldiers are turned into an allegorical image of man and mankind. We are alone even when we are in a group of people, we master technology yet we are at a loss before the endless vastness of nature, the mystery of life and the depth of emotions. When reflected in a mirrored surface, we are thrown into the icy snow of wintry steppe. We go deep into nature, suspended in a quiet moment within the warfare of life. We are proud and brave, yet hesitant and doubtful before the void and endless time.