Max Blardone 6° PG - SWC Alta Badia - Dolomites _ 2016

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Stainless Steel mirror finished _ 24x14 cm, h 45 cm - about 1,5 kg

Exhibitions & Events:
Race: Gran Risa (La Villa Alta Badia) _ December 2015
Prizegiving: Villadossola (Serenella Restaurant) _ July 2016

Dear Max,
you have won many battles. However, nothing made that moment more unforgettable than the emotion and passion you conveyed to all of us on the night of the first Parallel Giant Slalom Ski World Cup Alta Badia Dolomites. Your sixth place was as outstanding as a Gold Medal, because you proved to be a true Champion in life as well as in sport, a Man of outstanding personality and valour.
It was then that I thought about creating this award, that we are bestowing upon you today, with the kind support of Marcello Varallo, Chairman of the Sky World Cup Alta Badia Dolomite Committee.
Here is our dedication:
"A dignified life is as important as victories.
Life is a daily battle to be fought and won with willpower, bravery and drive.
When you conquer your life day by day you get to be a Champion in sport and life,
just like our friend Max Blardone.
He is a true example, the ideal embodiment of Man’s greatness,
overcoming all limits in search for a better future!

With true fondness and regard
Daniele Basso

Attending as Guests of Honour for the event:
Igor Cassina (Olympic Gold Medalist in the men’s horizontal bar at the 2004 Olympics in Athens and inventor of the famous " Cassina move" in 2002 , which awarded him a place in the history of gymnastics well before the Gold Medal).

Sabina Panzanini (Alpine ski champion in the Giant Slalom specialty; five-time runner up as well as three-time winner in Alta Badia, Park City and Maribor).

Daniela Merighetti (Alpine ski champion in the Downhill, Super Giant and Super Combined specialties: 5-time runner up as well as winner in Cortina, currently athlete spokesperson in the FIS Committee)

Daniele Basso (Eclectic internationally-renowned artist, as multifaceted as his works, author of the GIGANT sculpture, located at the start of legendary Gran Risa, as well as creator of the Swarovski crystal-embedded trophies for Ski World Cup Alta Badia Dolomites 2015).

Photo credit Mario Curti