Innocenti Bugie_ 2016

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Innocenti Bugie Innocenti Bugie Innocenti Bugie
Mirroring surface collage obtained by the book "Le avventure di Pinocchio - Storia di un burattino"
13x15 cm, h13 cm about

Exhibitions & Events:
Torino _ Fondo AA. VV. _ Mostra NESXT durante Artissima _ novembre 2016

Unique artist's copy "Innocenti Bugie" - mirror surface collage
Inspired by "Le avventure di Pinocchio - Storia di un burattino" - Carlo Collodi
Edition: 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15
Editing year: 2014 - 1025 - 2016 - 2017

Comment on the artwork:
White lies are considered innocent, but I have never liked this definition.
Lies are never white and pure as snow nor are they innocent, but we all tell lies!
Lies arise from fear, shame, insecurity or they are a means to an end.
Thinking that we never tell lies is a self-righteous pretence, and it is horrid to find out that our life is based on lies. They are tools used by man and society and they should be governed with common sense and responsibility. Lying is an essential experience to become a “good boy”!

(Daniele Basso - November 2016)