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Gabriel Gabriel
    White bronze mirror finished _ 48x15 cm, high 52 cm

    Exhibitions & Events:
    Venice_ Palazzo Contarini Polignac _"Luce & Pensieri" Daniele Basso and Paolo Amico Exhibition - curator Ermanno Tedeschi _ October 4th / November 24th, 2017

    We all can be angels, but nobody is totally like an angel!
    We remain confused between angels and demons. Choosing the good is not easy, even when you really want it.
    We are floating in a sort of liquid morality, looking for symbols to cling to.
    And eventually we are frightened to find out that Good and Evil, both live within us. That man, with personal choices, conscience and will, is the limit.
    A powerful symbol in terms of meaning, this work, which is a scale interpretation of a larger work still to be realized, stirs emotions deep inside. Through the ancient symbol of the angel, it unveils the power of our matrix and cultural identity by conveying a message that immediately urges us to a serious introspective effort. Between sacred and profane, intimate and collective, it induces deep inner reflection until we become aware of the importance of all our daily choices and of our individual identity as active parts in the community and in the universal collective identity too. It helps us rediscover ourselves as actors in this humanity that all too often we consider a far away concept. It’s a like a role-play that almost grafts the single into collectivity, the small into immensity. And in so doing, it helps us understand our importance as actors in the destiny of Humanity!