Trofei Ski World Cup Alta Badia_2017

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Trofei Ski World Cup Trofei Ski World Cup Trofei Ski World Cup Trofei Ski World Cup Trofei Ski World Cup Trofei Ski World Cup Trofei Ski World Cup Trofei Ski World Cup
Stainless steel mirror finished and Swarovski® _ 20x19 cm, h44 cm

Exhibitions & Events:
Giant Slalom & Parallel Giant Slalom Ski World Cup Alta Badia-Dolomites - Gran Risa track - La Villa , December 16th/18th 2017

17 & 18 DECEMBER 2017

On the occasion of the Alta Badia-Dolomites Ski World Cup, the artist Daniele Basso, who is the maker of the sculpture GIGANT installed at the start of the Gran Risa ski run in 2015 to celebrate 30 years of the event, has interpreted the trophies also for the 2017 edition of Giant Slalom and Parallel Giant Slalom night races, with the added feature of illuminating Swarovski® crystals.

“The Trophies, says Daniele Basso, celebrate the performances of the champions in the unique natural scenery of Alta Badia. Their style exalts the imposing beauty of Dolomites, monumental and solemn, where snow is the real star! That must be perfect; that attracts the undivided attention of trainers, athletes, and fans. Where the tension of the race turns into emotion, passion, and joy. For a perfect race. Snow that becomes ice in the very pure Swarovski® crystals, where you will rediscover all the colors and beauty of Alta Badia.”

All this tells about a story of passion, sport and beauty that comes to life every year in the magic of the Ski World Cup Alta Badia Dolomites. True works of art, the trophies convey the real feeling of the Ski World Cup Alta Badia Dolomites by celebrating snow that makes races possible and makes the mountains magic in their suggestive silence, where you go through authentic experiences regenerating both the spirit and the body.

“The Trophies, goes on Basso, have all the same size, and this is made on purpose to celebrate sport as a universal value beyond rewarding the performance itself. When determination, talent and passion urge Man and Mankind towards new achievements!”

Swarovski® crystals were chosen not only for their being consistent with the sharp-cornered shapes characterizing Daniele Basso’s Art, and GIGANT in particular, but also for the innovative content of the cooperation started in 2011 when the artist first matched them with mirror steel, which is his favorite material.

The authenticity and origin of the Swarovski crystals are certified by the “Crystals from Swarovski” seal, bearing the signature of the founder Daniel Swarovski and the company’s year of establishment. Swarovski has been creating beautiful crystals of unrivalled quality since 1895, a symbol of craftsmanship and creativity that goes far beyond the manufacturing aspect. Their brilliance and versatility have the magical ability to bring artistic visions to life right across the creative spectrum and are now essential ingredients in the worlds of fashion, accessories, jewelry and interior decoration, not to mention modern design and art.

Both are eternal materials and through the light they reflect and magnify, they offer us an art that is ethical and responsible toward man and the environment and celebrates the values of Humanity when this believes in the strength of life.