"CHI VESPA?"_2018

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Stainless Steel mirror finish and Blue colour Vespa_ 50 cm diameter

Exhibitions & Events:
Biella_MACIST Museum_"La Vespa nella Storia e nell'Arte" curated by Mark Bertazzoli_Event created by the Master of Art Omar Ronda_January 13/June 30 2018s

"Chi Vespa?"
Inspired by the famous advertising claim of the 1970s "Chi Vespa Mangia le Mele, chi non Vespa no", the work "Chi Vespa?" by Daniele Basso plays on the reflection of ourselves into the apple shape mirror surfaces making all of us vespers! Riding an iconic but renewed Vespa in blue color. The apparently normal Vespa has been totally updated in its form to a contemporary digital aesthetic, putting in contrast "real" and "virtual", "essence" and "appearance", "intimate" and "collective" to the theme of desire ... Desire obviously represented today as in past from the will to own a Vespa. The blue... dreamy, saturated and intense color so much to shade the shapes ... it contributes to make the composition like a dream of freedom, joy and care. A jump into a timeless youth, where you find the power to pursue your desires!

Daniele Basso - Biella 6 November 2017