Dark Light Reflections _ 2014

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Milan _ nhow hotel 2nd floor FuoriSalone Event of Zona Tortona _ Salone Internazionale del Mobile _ April 8th/13th, 201
Works in mirrored steel and light installations by Daniele Basso
On the occasion of the FuoriSalone del Mobile Design Week from 8 to 13 April, 2014, "Dark Light Reflections", an exhibition by artist and designer Daniele Basso will be held on the second floor of nhow hotel, at 35, Via Tortona. The highlights, thoughts and emotions on display represent an outlook on the future of society and human beings, hanging between a new exciting techno-cultural Renaissance and the abysmal void of the fear of change, between religions blinded by false myths and fast-growing beliefs and faith, between excellent age-old traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, with a view to the development of eco-friendly products and ideas, seeking new values and renewed social ethics shared by current worldwide balance. These reflections investigate the blurred line separating Art, Handicraft and Design, and involvement with Fashion, narrating the story of human beings that have to tackle their wishes and the future they will be able to build.

"We are all equal before a mirror, suspended between dream and reality” Daniele Basso says. “Beyond their function, my mirrored works are reflections on present-day society, unfinished thoughts that anybody can complete with their own meanings… Similarly, my light installations play with light and shade, suggesting true emotions while we are building our future…”.
"...the edges in my mirrored sculptures embody discontinuity and uniqueness. They are the universal symbol of change, movement, life. Space and time contract, get closer, reach out… things will never be the same. Innovation is revealed by the digital language of new technology…”.

The following works will be exhibited:
Naturae: a digital Venus redux to embody the wish for a future techno-cultural Renaissance. “With its sharp edges and triangular fractal shapes, this mirror steel sculpture is an aesthetic revelation of new digital techniques, whose constant movement counterbalances the classical inspiration of Botticelli’s Venus and embodies the contemporary ideal beauty, recalling the trim and slender body of a sensual model. It represents a statement of the need to develop knowledge and know-how into a social and cultural renewal, a humanistic Renaissance based on meaningful human, cultural and natural relationships.”
Tempus Angulare: a work that investigates faith and transcendency. "Formerly displayed at the Seraphicum Pontifical University in Vatican City, this work represents an occasion to ponder upon and investigate transcendency through the modern language of Art, Design and new technology. The idea of Christ as a milestone overlaps the concept of Time, generating change. In the current period of crisis, when we are thrown into the fray and deprived of benchmark figures, we can view signs and symbols as a starting point for an outward journey to reach a new frontier land through the values of the respect for life, brotherhood and equality. It is an invitation to faith in a broader meaning, not necessarily to believe in the establishment created by man, but certainly in mankind and life. It is a sharp bend in the history of mankind, a peak of total change before the world takes a new route.”

and the following installations:
Ghipur Bright Code: light installation sponsored by ITALAMP. "The emotion created by the timeless decoration pattern of Venetian Burano lace turns into Light and Colour, embodying Italian cultural identity and history. It conveys imagination and creativity, Art and Fashion, luxury brands and the variety of creative styles that contributed to human development. By expressing change and respect for tradition at the same time, it is a statement of the uniqueness of Made-in-Italy quality style… because we can never understand where we are going without knowing where we come from!”
Mr Bot Got Talent: light installation sponsored by SLIDE (Lobby_basement). "Metaphor of present-day multiracial society, many Mr Bots of different colours and heights light up against the green background of the earth. We are all equal at first, yet we become ourselves through the choices we make and we are all different in the end, as a consequence of our actions.”

This non-path, made of well-known icons, whose meaning changes with the development of the social setting, contributes to a reflection on present-day society and the importance of our choices, as well as our search for our true nature. Soaring high in an insubstantial, flimsy dimension between dream and reality, light and shadow, we recover the meaning of life through beauty.