"Coke It's Me" at World Of Coca Cola Museum _ 2015

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Atlanta _ World of Coca Cola Museum _ December 2015 "POP Culture Gallery" - Together - 100th Anniversary Coca-Cola Contour bottle

"Thirst-quenching as ice, a precious mirroring diamond surrounds Contour with eternity. The iconic Coca-Cola bottle made of more than 200 recycled aluminum cans... Twists and turns, lights and shadows move around disclosing the many faces of reality. It is the Coca-Cola World that comes to life with all of us reflecting in it. Passion, happiness and enthusiasm flooding the Earth with smiles! 100 years of history. Everywhere in the world. United as parts of the same Mankind. “Coke It’s Me” is Coca-Cola’s tangible THANK-YOU from Italy to the entire world, made real by the sustainable art of an Italian artist. Thank you to everybody for our success and your warm affection. To all of us that everyday choose it and virtually are Coca-Cola."

(Daniele Basso, May 2015)

Russell Jacobs - General Manager at World of Coca-Cola - and Craig Lovin – Creative Director of the World of Coca-Cola Museum – have warmly welcomed artist Daniele Basso at the Atlanta-based museum, which now houses his piece celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Contour Bottle, COKE IT’S ME.
Since last December, it has in fact become part of the museum’s permanent collection and is currently on display in the "Pop Culture Gallery," together with some of the most precious artwork collected by the company over time, including works by Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell, Howard Finster and Steve Penley. The section also features Coca-Cola branded furniture, collectibles and memorabilia used in large cinema, TV and theater productions, as well as in the main events of Coca-Cola history.
The museum, located in Atlanta - city with the highest economic and demographic growth in the US today - was opened in 2007. Covering approximately 81,000 square meters of surface, it boasts - in 2014 alone - more than 1.2 million visitors from around the world, making it an essential and “must-see” attraction for whoever is in the Atlanta area for business or tourism.