"Scuola Aperta" project at "G. Ferraris" Institite in Vercelli_2016

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Vercelli_Daniele Basso guest and teacher just for one day _ April 2016 "Galileo Ferraris" Institute

At the beginning of the adventure of the Scuola Aperta (Open School) project, conceived and much wanted by the multi-level school Istituto Comprensivo G. Ferraris for our town Biella, says enthusiastically Patrizia Jorio Marco, parents’ representative and a project supporter, we promised the students that they would approach art in a different manner, not only through books, but also touching with their own hands and talking with sector operators and museum managers. This actually happened in one of the first lessons with the ladies in charge of didactics at the Borgogna Museum who were involved upon invitation of Serena Mormino. She is an art curator and critic working in Italy and abroad and one of the many volunteers teaching Art and Image to our children.
Thanks to Miss Mormino, the students had the exciting experience of talking directly with Alex Angi, Daniele Basso and Aldo Spinelli, three great Italian artists, also well-known and appreciated by the critics at international level.

www.InfoVercelli24.it – Friday, 6 May 2016