University Master in Multichannel Marketing _2016

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Città Studi Biella _ University of Turin _ May 2016 Case History & Testimony of Daniele Basso into the Innovation Form.

On the basis of his special course of study started in 1995 at Biella’s Città Studi (Economics, Design & Communication), his professional experiences (Marketing, Communication, Design and Art), and results obtained in different fields, Daniele Basso was invited to illustrate how much professionalism and profession may change before you find the job where you belong. His speech came with the skills of the technician and the pondering of an artist, and in a language in-between industry and art, in view of helping students better understand their own path towards full-fledged professionalism.

"A very special experience. I met a motivated group of individuals looking for a new work identity. Not only I had the opportunity of reflecting in depth while preparing the lecture on my experiences, but also I had to find a "sense/meaning" in them to transmit. This caused me to go over and over all my experiences, even the apparently trivial ones. With the guidance of passion, curiosity and a great deal of determination they built my life project that developed confirming the centrality of Art and emotions in life, mine and that of us all! I strongly hope to repeat this experience that proved to be a growth opportunity for myself and, hopefully, for all!"

Daniele Basso, Città Studi Biella, May 2016