Contini Art Factory_2016

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Venice _ Opening Event at Contini Art Factory new Art Gallery _ May 7th, 2016 Dorsoduro 868 Venezia

Daniele Basso at the Contini Art Factory
A New Art Gallery in the Heart of Venise

From May 7, Daniele Basso’s sculpture Achill is on display at the Contini Art Factory in Venise. In this prestigious venue, the artist Daniele Basso exhibits Achill, a representation of the prey bird that in Celtic mythology was a guide through the spiritual world and a symbol of enlightenment, creativity and truth. For the artist, the Hawk also is the "image of the faculty of observing things from a far distance while still grasping the details”, and urges us to work out judgements free from conditionings and carry on our lives in harmony with the world ".

Founded this year by Federico Contini, the Contini Art Factory is the latest of the galleries owned by the family and is already a must to visit for all enthusiasts. At the inauguration held on Saturday May 7, in a surprising atmosphere, burlesque dancers and singers led the many guests through a fairy and almost surreal path of emotions, among pop-art works by Carla Tolomeo, Fluon, Gabriel Ortega, Michele Tombolini and Daniele Basso – just to mention a few of them – and finally to the private garden breathtakingly overlooking the Grand Canal. An event in line with the unconventional out-of-the-box philosophy of the Art Factory: “I like the idea of relieving all the institutional weight that art galleries have – points out Federico – I like that the atmosphere is a mix of work and relax, new and familiar”.

Nature and Human Beings, both key players in the artistic expressions of Daniele Basso, unceasingly take new shapes but never forsake the memory of their essence. Achill, elegant and powerful, hoovers over the environment and turns up at the Contini Art Factory in Venise "as a symbol of Art’s constructive fury ".

Today there are three Contini Art Galleries: in Mestre, Venise and Cortina d`Ampezzo. Founded by Stefano Contini, they are a reference point for the market of the most important names in modern and contemporary painting and sculpture at Italian and international level as well.