Challange Riflessi Biellesi Trophy _2016

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Biella_Trophy sponsored by Emenegildo Zegna and Tollegno 1900 wool mills _May 2016 Rally Valli Biellesi - Oasi Zgena (by BMT eventi - Veglio4x4) and Rally Tollegno 1900 - Revival Lana Gatto (by NS Events).

“Riflessi Biellesi” Challenge
Issued from the cooperation of Ermenegildo Zegna and Tollegno 1900

The Challenge “Riflessi Biellesi”, issued from a joint initiative of Ermenegildo Zegna and Tollegno 1900, two great companies particularly involved in the valorization of the Biella territory, takes the shape of a touring endurance race for historical cars, with a program spanning over various years. The prize is awarded on a temporary basis and will be definitely handed over to the driver who first wins 3 annual even if not consecutive editions of the race on the basis of the combined scores of Tollegno 1900 - Revival Lana Gatto and Valli Biellesi - Oasi Zegna.
The trophy for the winner of " Riflessi Biellesi” is designed by the artist Daniele Basso and its shape and materials recall the basic values of the contest, namely excellence and dynamism.

"A number of different energies converge in the artwork "Riflessi Biellesi", now a trophy: enthusiasm and passion that support us in the struggles of life; sport and talent that test human limits and bravery against fears; the territory and its industries that protect their excellences and culture expressing the unique attitude of Biella people... All of them are reunited by art that turns values into tangible facts that can be shared; beauty and emotions into universal experiences. Expressions of our identity!"

(Daniele Basso - Biella 12 May 2016)