Filari di Luce (Daniele Basso e Dado Shapira)_2017

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Filari di Luce Filari di Luce Filari di Luce Filari di Luce Filari di Luce

Poderi Gianni Gagliardo _ La Morra (CN) _ October 8th/Novembre 12th, 2017 Ermanno Tedeschi curator

On the occasion of the "Filari di Luce" exhibition, with Dado Shapira (curator Ermanno Tedeschi), the artist Daniele Basso carries us on a journey through some fundamental themes of man and life, related to nature, to the rural environment of the territory of La Morra and to the activities of the Cantina Gagliardo winery. At the entrance of the cellar we find a three-part reflection on the life cycle: the feminine beauty of Les Plis De La Vie; the magnitude of Maternity in the transition from the size of the child to that of the parent; the anagrafica, mental and spiritual youth of the sculpture Bimbo, in the indomitable intent of giving meaning to our own existence.
Towards the basement we find Achill, strong and proud warning of freedom.
Downstairs, the two artists, together in a niche, let the works talk for them.
Daniele Basso takes us into the intimate dimension of the Vertical Reflection project. That work metaphorically represents the cycle of spiritual growth of man up to the illumination of life as complexity. A condition that we must first accept to be able to handle.
The path imagined by the artist Daniele Basso ends with a surprise: in the most secretive and humid cellar, Aureo Jr broke out. It is a rare "nib bird", the symbol of the Turin's Sign and Scripture Museum, which represents the freedom of expression and thought that must fly high in the sky of our dreams.