Universo Dentro _ 2009


Mirror finish stainless steel with granite “Luz de Compostella”
180x90 prof 70 cm – about 2560 Kg

Exhibitions & Events:
Verona _ 2009 "Abitare il Tempo 2009"
Verona _ 2009 "Marmomacc - 44th International Exibithion of Stone Design & Technology"
Turin _ 2009 "DesignWeek" Multisensory exhibition "Sale di Vita"
Turin _ 2010 "DesignWeek" & "Artissima"
The charm of the places "of transit" lies in the uncertainty of the personal stories of the people that pass through them. People and shadows occupy the space, but do not live in it. The installation of Universo Dentro in these spaces means opening a window on the soul: the massive granite geode is smashed by the mirror, which interacts with the physicalness of the stone and reveals the universe inside it, Universo Dentro, indeed, making the stone light weight, ethereal and invisible, and opening the space to infinity. The GlocalDesign mirror (out of scale version of the DreamScape model, Col. “Message” - 100% recyclable Ni/Cr steel), being both a private and a public object shared by all cultures, pours as a large and irregular concentration of thin blades of pure muscovite mica from the Stonehenge “Luz de Compostella®” granite (with certificate of authenticity) telling us the story of the earth and human beings. Together, they embellish the daily nature of our favourite places and the visible space by adding the invisible touch of our thoughts (be visible with invisible). Events and emotions reverberate among the natural lines created by the stone and the imaginary profile of far away mountains. This artwork contains our personal universe: the enthusiasm and the dreams of the Child that dreams about the future combine with the Man, who, while walking his way (both physically and metaphorically – “Luz de Compostella®” granite from the “Cammino di Santiago®”) builds his future and the future of the society (Linking People). The natural materials and profiles are processed industrially by means of cutting edge technologies that left visible marks of their processing in the stone, which has been voluntarily left without finishing. They combine with the experience and skill of qualified professionals and help focussing the project on the "know-how", providing the world with a unique product with extremely high formal and cultural quality, for an emotion that arises from the bottom of the heart.

(Daniele Basso - Biella, August 2009)