DolceVita Collection _ 2010

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Mirror finish stainless steel
"Mod. FF1960" h117x31cm, 3,4 Kg
"Mod. AE1960+MM1960" (n°2 pcs) h120x30cm, 7Kg

Exhibitions & Events:
Milan_ 2010 "Bad Habits" Preview "Fellini Circus"
New York _ 2010 "DDN Special NY - Best Made in Italy Design"
Rome _ 2010 "Festival del Cinema di Roma" 50th Anniversary of "La Dolce Vita" film
Prarolo _ 2011 "Self-Produced and Innovative Design Fair"
Biella _ 2012 "NewNext" BiBox Art Space
Magliaso (CH)_ 2012/2013 "Oltre lo Specchio ci Sei Tu!" Rivabella Art Gallery
Collection of unique mirror art pieces developed in cooperation with the Federico Fellini Foundation. Fantasy, game and magic come to the forefront: imagination becomes reality in the mirror. Like windows on a recent past, the collection DolceVita celebrates both the sensitivity of the Master in communicating the poetry of the sixties and the current need of escaping, which only the cinema is able to express. These three mirrors tell a film and are bound up with an idea, an outstanding feature of the “Made in Italy” that made history: Mod. “FF1960”: a profile that tells the story of a world of imagination, since “nulla si sa, tutto si immagina…” (We know nothing and imagine everything - F. Fellini 1960). Mod. “AE1960+ MM1960”: together, divided by water, but joined by history, they open a window on our dreams. When reflected in their outline, we experience strong emotions rediscovering the power of imagination. These artworks will be integral part of the Federico Fellini Permanent Collection, which will travel around Italy and the world with the Exhibition “Fellini Circus” from 2011.