Cavour & Mazzini _ 2011

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Mirror finish stainless steel with green and red colored felt
(n° 2pcs) 120x120cm, about 18Kg _ private collection

Exhibitions & Events:
Biella _ 2011 "Collective Exhibition"
(curator: F. Santaniello / artists: Ronda, Basso, Lagna, Mariani, Mirano, Costantini, Mainolfi, Crivelli, Carotti e Coppi) Territorial Museum of Biella
Casapinta _ 2011 "Collective Exhibition" town hall exhibition
Prarolo _ 2011 "Self-Produced and Innovative Design Fair"
Milan _ 2012 "Salone del Mobile - GlocalDesign FuoriSalone Event" nhow hotel
We are what we fight for and what we are ready to die for! The portraits of Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour and Giuseppe Mazzini fade into the power of the ideas and values they fought for when alive, remembered by history: the Unity of Italy. The strategy of Cavour (liberal democrat - green) and the power of the ideas of Mazzini (republican & radical layman - red) become geometrical shapes engraved in the mirror, which reflects the people looking at them and makes people reflect on what has already been done and what still has to be done for the unity of Italy. Two windows on the soul and on history that remind to the current disillusioned and passive society that life belongs to those who believe in their dreams!

(Daniele Basso - Biella, August 2010)