Achill _ 2015

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Mirror Finish Stainless Steel _ 150x95 cm, h 114 cm - 64 kg about

Exhibitions & Events:
NYC _ Ca D'Oro Art Gallery - exhibit from April 23 to May 24, 2015
A noble and powerful figure effortlessly gliding in the air, owning the sky, high above reality… This is the Hawk of Achill, inspired by an ancient Celtic myth, a guide leading to love for man and nature, a symbol of enlightenment, creativity, truth and experience connecting us to the spiritual world… I see it as the embodiment of the power to glance at things from afar, from above, while still being able to pore on details closely and swooping in on meaningful matter when required. It represents freedom from any conditioning in the ability to assess, the courage to enact principles and beliefs, always doing what is right for us in any condition, even in the most difficult and complex situations, in order to solve any problems fast and accurately with no shortsighted doubts and uncertainties, managing our own value and life in absolute freedom and in harmony with the world.

(Daniele Basso, January 2015)