We Have A Dream _ 2015

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White Bronze _ 45x30 cm, h 30 cm

Exhibitions & Events:
NYC _ Ca D'Oro Art Gallery - exhibit from April 23 to May 24, 2015

"There exist places where we know we are slaves since our birth; elsewhere we are slaves too, but unaware of it. Absolute freedom does not exist in any society. It is an idea to nurture, an objective to pursue. A value that, while respecting the others, society itself and all the individuals therein must defend at all costs. Should we forget this, we will lose our humanity and with it our dignity and our right to be free men."

(Daniele Basso, January 2015)

When visiting Atlanta, Martin Luther King’s hometown, I decided to work on freedom and equality. Looking for a symbolic event testifying the bestiality of slavery opposed to the humanity of no-violence fight, I chose not to use an event after birth to represent a right that exists as of birth itself, the only time when we are all equal and free. In this sculpture we are faced with the universal issue of personal and social freedom. This "Child" is born in chains, as we all are, a representation of the more or less conscious compromises we have to accept in order to live within society, of the personal and collective difficulties we encounter to shape out our individuality among the others, and feel all community members, sharing the rights and duties that freedom requires. Equality is overcome in the awareness that everybody is slave to everybody else, but also free from Birth. It is a common, shared, intuitive ground-zero experience where to start building a better future for our children.