Coke It's Me _ 100th Anniversary Contour bottle _ 2015

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Stainless steel mirror polished and Coca-Cola recycled aluminum cans 60x60 cm, h 185 cm - about 140 kg

Exhibitions & Events:
Expo Milano 2015 _ Coca-Cola Pavilion _ May 1st / October 31st, 2015

"Thirst-quenching as ice, a precious mirroring diamond surrounds Contour with eternity. The iconic Coca-Cola bottle made of more than 200 recycled aluminum cans... Twists and turns, lights and shadows move around disclosing the many faces of reality. It is the Coca-Cola World that comes to life with all of us reflecting in it. Passion, happiness and enthusiasm flooding the Earth with smiles! 100 years of history. Everywhere in the world. United as parts of the same Mankind. “Coke It’s Me” is Coca-Cola’s tangible THANK-YOU from Italy to the entire world, made real by the sustainable art of an Italian artist. Thank you to everybody for our success and your warm affection. To all of us that everyday choose it and virtually are Coca-Cola."

(Daniele Basso, May 2015)

"Coke Its Me" It’s the sculpture commissioned by The Coca Cola Company for 100 years of the famous Contour Bottle.
The Italian artist and designer Daniele Basso was selected by the legendary brand The Coca Cola Company to celebrate 100 years of the world’s most famous bottle. As of 1 May 2015, his sculpture "Coke it's me!", made of 100% recyclable steel and recycled cans, will be presented and displayed in the Coca-Cola Pavilion at Expo Milano. In the artist’s unmistakable style with plenty of twists and turns, fully polished and assembled by hand and studied to last in time, this 1.75m tall sculpture has been conceived and realized to celebrate the centennial of the Contour Bottle, a global icon of happiness and friendship, concurrently with Expo Milano, the prestigious universal event. Indeed, Coca-Cola is sold in 240 out of 242 existing countries, which means that you can drink it almost everywhere in the world. After Warhol, Hopper, Kaufman, Raushemberg, Johns, Linchtstein and other world famous pop artists, now Daniele Basso gives his interpretation of this iconic bottle, and fully confirms the vocation of this object, likely the most famous object on earth, to be a piece of real art.

At Atlanta headquarters, in the beating heart of the international giant, the managers were captivated by the artistic production and design quality of Daniele Basso, and have welcome the ethical attention to man and nature that clearly appears in all his works. His professionalism and production perfectly reflect the innovative and experimental attitude of the Coca-Cola brand, committed today more than ever to the theme of sustainability, for a better future of our planet. This message goes hand in hand with the experimental nature of Basso’s works that investigate the increasingly elusive links of Art, Craftsmanship, Design and Fashion in the quest of new ethical boundaries in industrial production and in creativity as a profession. The Coca Cola Company decided to entrust the Italian artist with the task of attesting the importance of the extraordinary longevity of the most iconic object in modern life, as it not only deeply marked people’s imagination and culture, but has proved an essential brand awareness factor for Coca-Cola, the world’s most popular drink.

"I feel proud and honored, says the artists, and virtually share these feelings, accompanied with a strong sense of responsibility, with all that drink Coca-Cola daily. Everybody, looking at their faces reflected in the mirror surfaces of "Coke it's me", can feel like playing a role in this global success, and a testimonial of the values of happiness, joy and cooperation that Coca-Cola expresses... Not only a taste actually, but also universal values that while going global, made all of us citizens of the world! Parts of one mankind... a message of friendship and unity... Even more appealing today when we are experimenting divisions and wars!"

"Coke It's Me" , concludes Daniele Basso, Is a huge thank-you of Coca-Cola to everybody for the success obtained and the affection received. The celebration launched at Expo Milano will spread beyond Italian borders and virtually hug the whole world!".